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Brian Best

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I began practicing yoga in 2020 through random classes and online videos. I was drawn to the practice at first because of the flow, stretching, and workout aspects. However, in 2021 I found my home at Twisted Juniper and my eyes were opened to the expansive possibilities that yoga can bring to my life. My passion ignited. I found peace and stillness in meditation. I found mindfulness in every movement. I found purpose in the randomness. This led me to freedom from the chains that bound me within myself and opened my heart to wanting to help others and share the peace that I have found.
In 2022 I completed Yoga Teacher training and am excited to begin instructing. I am personally fond of inversions and bonds, seeing how far I can push my edge, or how much I can use my subtle energy currents to go a little further. However, I love teaching all forms of yoga, from standard flows, to relax and release poses, to upbeat and invigorating classes. I also very much enjoy practicing and teaching meditation. I often end a savasana with a guided meditation or by playing he singing bowls.

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